38 Studios working on a new MMORPG

38 Studios working on a new MMORPG - Image 1It was recently divulged that 38 Studios has acquired a license to use Unreal Engine 3. Now why would a company do that? Because it is making a new game, of course! This has been revealed by Steve Danuser himself in a recent interview. More on this after the jump!

38 Studios working on a new MMORPG - Image 1The development studio 38 Studios (Green Monster Games) is fairly new to the industry but it’s main focus so far is in the MMORPG genre.

The company has in fact recently hired SOE‘s EverQuest Lead Designer Travis McGeathy to join the team which is really exciting given the guy’s experience.

It seems that 38 Studios is in full swing now as an unannounced game was revealed by the company’s Lead Content Designer Steve Danuser at the recent Comic Con in New York. Danuser confirmed that they are working on a new MMO.

Unfortunately, the official wouldn’t divulge the name of the game or any details regarding it. Despite that, Steve Danuser shared the following insights:

What we’re really trying to do is put the story at the core of the players’ experience such that it’s not something that they have to dig for. We want it to be happening all around them. We want the story to be driven by player events.

Danuser said that while it is important for a development studio to control the pacing of the game, it is also important to make the feel players feel that they are helping as well to push the game forward.

“So it’s really a combination of tricks and storytelling that a lot of other games have done in part, but not all the way. That’s when having someone like R.A. Salvatore who is so good at pacing and stories,” added Danuser.

If you want to read the full interview transcript, you can refer to the source link below. Also, keep checking back here at QJ.NET for more updates regarding this new MMORPG.

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