America’s Army: Special Forces updates with patch

America's Army: Special Forces updates with patch - Image 1We’re sending out word that the PC version of America’s Army: Special Forces has recently been updated to build This new update will address several bugs and issues that were present in the game’s previous version. More details are available in the full article.

America's Army: Special Forces updates with patch - Image 1 

We’re letting the gamers know the U.S. Army has released a new patch for their America’s Army: Special Forces title for the PC. This game update will be addressing account, game play and server administration issues.

Several bugs fixes have also been detailed, although the devs excluded posting documentation on security/exploit fixes. Here’s a glimpse of what has been addressed since the game’s previous build:

  • Mission Specific:
    • SF Snakeplain: Were unable to use Javelin in the second 18Z slot until weapon is dropped
    • SF Snakeplain: A crash related to the Javelin destroying an enemy vehicle has been fixed.
    • SF Floodgate: Player pawns were spawning in with the wrong team
    • SF Floodgate: Player pawn was able to get into unintended area
    • Admin Commands:
    • Banning a player who has spaces in their name did not work properly
  • Mission Editor:
    • The “Save As” menu function was not available.
  • General Issues:
    • Round timer was very small in spectate mode and blocked by text
    • Console was deleting messages randomly
    • Weapon FOV was incorrect after weapon swap
    • Fixed an issue where switching to a grenade while zoomed could result in an unresponsive weapon.
  • Linux Server:
    • Fixed an issue in the linux server related to the chat log pathing.
    • Exploits Fixed:
    • Player was able to remove most recoil from a weapon by going scoped and sprinting at the same time

We remind the readers that this is just a glimpse of the changes for patch The official America’s Army site (available via the source link) should have the full patch notes, along with the download.

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