Atari, CD Projekt releases The Witcher patch 1.3, Price of Neutrality, and D’jinni editor for free

Atari, CD Projekt releases patch 1.3, Price of Neutrality, and D'jinni editor for free - Image 1Now Atari may not be doing so well financially, but if there’s one thing we’re thankful for, it’s the fact that the brand picked up CD Projekt‘s The Witcher and permitted the rest of the world to trod through a darker face of role-play. And those who’ve actually had the patience to enjoy CD Projekt’s offering past the first chapter would delight in the fact that the developers, along with Atari, decided to bring two goodies along with patch 1.3: an editor and a new adventure – all for free!

Atari, CD Projekt releases patch 1.3, Price of Neutrality, and D'jinni editor for free - Image 1 

Boo yeah! Atari and CD Projekt, the two prime entities behind The Witcher, have decided to release the D’jinni editor and a full adventure, Price of Neutrality for free. The two additional content have been provided in addition to the release of patch version 1.3 for the dark-themed, successful RPG.

Price of Neutrality is CD Projekt’s first official adventure add-on to The Witcher, which provides at least two hours more of gameplay and reorients fellow Witchers to learn more about the other witchers they briefly encounter during the original game’s story.

The adventure is designed to clip on to all The Witcher releases, may they be American or UK, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, or Polish versions – provided you patch up to 1.3, of course.

The adventure is also jam-packed with new NPCs and graphical assets, and will extend the expanse of the game toward the outskirts of Kaer Morhen. CD Projekt promises more of the same tough, character driven decision making in Price of Neutrality and another set of multiple endings.

Or if you’re up to it, make up your own story for Geralt by way of the D’jinni adventure editor – currently in beta – and even dab the adventure with cut-scenes, dialogue, and gameplay events. Now that’s a double-hitter if we ever saw one. Watch for the third one.

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