Bionic Commando remake already in its Alpha phase

Bionic Commando Capcome - Image 1We just can’t wait after Capcom announced that they’re going to do a remake of the old classic, Bionic Commando (PC, Xbox 360, PS3). And guess what? Less than a month after its announcement, the PC, Xbox and PS3 version of Bionic Commando is already well into its Alpha phase. Are we going to get some Bionic Commando goodness sooner than we thought? Read more details in the full article.

Bionic Commando Capcom - Image 1Fans of classic gaming rejoiced when Capcom all of a sudden announced last month that they were going to do a remake of its old, yet memorable game, Bionic Commando, for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The 8-bit title will be given the modern graphics treatment, among other features.

Yes, we’re all happy, but what’s an even better news? The game has already entered Alpha phase, only less than a month after its announcement.

Grin, the developing studio behind the Bionic Commando remake, has already submitted the Alpha version of the game to Capcom. For those who aren’t in the know, a game entering Alpha phase means that the game is shipped to game testers, and plays more or less like the final version of the game.

Grin will also add other content, such as more areas and enemies along the way, and you can be rest assured that we’ll cover them for ya. Do check this space often for details!


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