BioShock copy autographed by Ken Levine in eBay

BioShock 2K Boston - Image 1Those who love gaming memorabilia may want to look into this rare chance of getting an autographed copy of BioShock (Xbox 360, PC), signed by none other than 2K Boston's Ken Levine. The proceeds will be donated to charity as well, so it's a great way to feel good about yourself. More details in the full article.

BioShock 2KBoston Ken Levine - Image 1

Collector types shouldn't miss out on getting this auctioned item, especially if you're a fan of 2K Boston's BioShock (Microsoft Xbox 360, PC). Non-profit organization Game Giving is auctioning off an autographed copy of BioShock, featuring a signature of Ken Levine, creative director of 2K Boston (formerly known as Irrational Games).

With the proceeds guaranteed to be sent to children's charity, grabbing this autographed copy is a nice way of being generous while getting something in return. The autographed Xbox 360 version of BioShock is sealed, with the outer cover bearing Ken Levine's scribble in silver ink.

The current bid is set at US$ 182.50 with the bidding ending on May 20. Better grab the chance as soon as possible if you're interested!

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