Boom Blox release date revealed at Nintendo Media Summit

Logo of Electronic Arts, a video game company - Image 1There’s been a lot of good news that’s been released during the recently concluded Nintendo Media Summit. One of these was an announcement regarding the release date of Electronic Arts‘ and Steven Spielberg‘s brainchild for the Wii, Boom Blox. To find out more about the upcoming game’s release date, read our full article after the jump.

Screenshot of EA's Boom Blox for Wii - Image 1With the recent conclusion of the Nintendo’s Media Summit held in San Francisco, there’s been a lot of good news regarding some of the upcoming titles that will be making their ways to the Nintendo gaming platforms.

One of these major announcements came from Electronic Arts and Steven Spielberg‘s brainchild for the Wii, Boom Blox. It was revealed that the upcoming puzzle title will be making its way this May 6th to North America, with a European release following on May 9.

Those of you who’ve already seen the innovative gameplay involved in Boom Blox and can’t wait to get their hands on it only have less than a month to go, so make sure that you keep those consoles in tip-top shape for its inevitable arrival. In any case, keep coming back to this spot for more updates regarding Boom Blox.

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