Brash Entertainment to officially close down?

Closed for business - Image 1The economy just can’t seem to let people catch a break. Another gaming company is purportedly set to fold, thanks to the economic crunch that’s been pinching a lot of businesses and families hard. The latest one rumored to bite the dust: Brash Entertainment. And it’s sooner than you can say Quick Jump. Read up more about this after the jump.

Brash Entertainment - Image 1Unfortunately, Brash Entertainment just couldn’t seem to keep its head above the waters any longer and has finally given up. Variety reports that the once-brimming-with-potential company is now set to officially cease operations as of tomorrow.

If this turns out to be true, then it will prove to be a sad day indeed especially for the remaining employees who will lose their jobs. Just a couple of weeks ago, the plug was pulled on 20 of their staff, and last week, they ditched an unannounced Superman title.

No doubt the economy really has hit folks hard that even those working to bring us fun can’t have fun themselves anymore. It was just last year that Brash Entertainment bagged US$ 40 million for their SAW game adaptation. But since the departure of co-founder Thomas Tull from the board, this money was pulled out by the investors, thereby leaving them practically broke.

Among their planned projects were the SAW, Superman, Night at the Museum 2 , Tale of Desperaux and Chipmunks titles. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this one, so just keep it locked here at QJ.

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