Bunjalloo v0.6.3 – browser for the DS

Nintendo DS - Image 1Those who need to use the Nintendo DS for browsing can check out Bunjalloo, a homebrewed internet browser that doesn’t need to have a RAM cart inserted in the DS unit’s Slot 2. More details in the full article.

Bunjalloo Richard Quirk - Image 1Those who need other alternatives for internet browsing on the Nintendo DS may want to take a look at richard.quirk’s Bunjalloo. The homebrewed browser can load and display simple pages, follow links, and view images. Bunjalloo is actually a good choice, especially if you don’t have RAM inserted in your DS’s Slot 2.

Here are the recent changes added to version 0.6.3:

Changes 0.6.3 (tiny release to get back into the groove 🙂

Changes 0.6.2

  • Fix SSL connections (https)
  • Add sleep mode when closing the lid

Changes 0.6.1:

  • French translation updated by Kikdifferent
  • German translation updated by Pascal Braig
  • Dutch translation updated by Maikel Steneker
  • Fixes to the updater – upgrading automatically from 0.6 doesn’t work, it just hangs 🙁
  • When typing in fields, show web page on top screen
  • Checks for fatal conditions at boot up (no DLDI, no data dir)
  • Fix black lines at the end of some images.
  • Compiled with devkitArm r23
  • Fix interlaced png images
  • Can turn off the wifi connection by clicking the connection icon
  • Fix scrolling way off the bottom of the page that sometimes happened

When installing Bunjalloo, make sure that you copy and paste all of the contents contained in the archive below to the root folder of your card or to your assigned folder for homebrew and/or games. For more information, do check out the Via link.

Download: Bunjalloo v0.6.3

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