Cabal Online Item of the Week: Astral Board

Cabal Online Item of the Week: Astral Board - Image 1The cool thing about Cabal Online‘s Astral board item is that it allows players to glide through the world of Nevareth for faster and more fashionable means of transportation.

The cooler thing is that the item has been featured by the company, meaning it’s on sale for a discounted price. Know more after the jump!

Cabal Online Item of the Week: Astral Board - Image 1 

Here’s another dosage of EST Corp.’s Item of the Week feature for its MMORPG Cabal Online. Updates such as this are really important for followers of the game especially that it was released just a couple of months back.

Aside from that, items featured weekly are also sold at the game’s shop for a discounted price. Anyway, the update is for the Astral Board and according to EST Corp, this blue coated, steel item is on sale for just 25% of its original price.

“This fantastic offer includes both the 30 and permanent versions, so whether you just wish to rent a ride for the next month, or wish to splash the cash and go the whole hog, donÂ’t miss out on this great deal today,” added the company.

If you want to buy this item or just want to know more about Cabal Online, you can refer to the source link below. It should lead you to the company’s Item of the Week page.

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