CCP Games: no security risks despite leaked EVE Online source code

CCP Games' EVE Online MMORPG - Image 1Don’t worry. This was the message the developer of EVE Online relayed towards its players despite the fact that leaked copies of the game’s source code were found circulating the ‘Net recently. You can read more about CCP Games‘ confident reply to this potential dilemma of galactic proportions in our full article after the jump.

Screenshot of CCP Games' EVE Online MMORPG - Image 1A number of torrent tracking sites recently found copies of CCP Games‘ source code for EVE Online circulating the Internet. As a result, many players have been worried about the breach in security the leaked code may bring about.

However, the developers quickly stepped in and reassured everyone that despite the apparent leak, access to the EVE client does not pose a security risk to neither the players, the game, or the developer itself.

It was also explained that the information on the server-side of the interface was carefully protected and could not be accessed despite the possibility of outside influences being able to access or even alter the EVE client.

While CCP acknowledged the theft of the game’s source code, it was not revealed how this particular information was accessed outside of the company. There was also no further news regarding any possible steps the developers might take to somehow resolve the potential danger involved with this incident.

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