Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment sends out forum registration invitations for Stargate Worlds beta

The logo for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment - Image 1It feels good to receive an invitation to an event, especially if that event is the beta for an MMORPG like Stargate Worlds. In fact, that’s what Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has been up to lately – handing out invitations to register for the game’s beta. Thus said, we invite you to turn to the full article after the jump for more information.

Register for the Stargate Worlds beta and get a chance to see locales like this - Image 1When you have a beta ready for your MMORPG, it only makes sense to send out invites so that hopeful players may register for it. That’s precisely what Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has been doing for Stargate Worlds forums.

Katie “Khatie” Postma, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment Senior Community Manager, noted that getting an invite isn’t automatically synonymous with being part of the Stargate Worlds beta. It simply means that the player has been invited to register for it.

But what if you didn’t receive any invitation from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment? Never fear. You may still join the beta database by creating a new account at the Stargate Worlds registration site.

As you might have expected, it seems that a lot of excited Stargate Worlds fans have been putting the registration website to the test by attempting to register all at once. In the event that you’ve been experiencing trouble trying to access the page, Postma recommends being patient, waiting a while, and trying again.

If you’d like to know where to register, the source link below will help escort you to the appropriate page.

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