ColorWare to expand to PSPs by April 14

ColorWare to offer servies to PSPs by April 14 - Image 1In order to breathe new life to your three-year old PlayStation Portable – or you’d rather want to view Sony’s handheld in a whole new hue – ColorWare will soon launch their services to PSP owners. If they can turn Sony’s PlayStation 3s into colorful works of art, then they can certainly do the same for the portable version. And just maybe, they could even add in their X2 coating to the PSP’s widescreen LCD surface. More at the full story.

ColorWare to offer servies to PSPs by April 14 - Image 1

PlayStation Portable owners might get the custom paint job they were looking for by April, as a preview of ColorWare‘s next products indicated that their services would soon extend to Sony’s PSP by April 14, 2008. Of course, that’s after they’ve fully launched their Guitar Hero accessory repaint service for players on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
But that’s not the only good news. ColorWare may be known for being the company behind several repaint jobs of the world’s most identifiable electronic products, but they are also the owners of the formula for a glossy, scratch resistant polymer used for their professional coats. And that would be ColorWare’s proprietary X2 – a specially engineered scratch-proof coating.

As the company has yet to reveal their Sony PSP recoloring services, prices and PS- specific coloring selections have not been made available. Stay tuned and we’ll keep tabs on developments as they come in.

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