Costco branch gets tower of Nintendo Wii bundles

Wii Tower Costco - Image 1Still couldn’t find a Wii but don’t want to get it through the rain check program? If you’re going to check out your local Costco, chances are you may be greeted with a glorious sight: a tower of Wii bundles. The details about the Wii bundle in the full article!

Wii Tower Costco - Image 1If you’re still searching for a Wii and still couldn’t find any (or just plain unwilling to get your Wii through GameStop’s Wii rain check program), here’s a nice hint on where you can probably get your Wii. A Kotaku reader was greeted by a mini-tower of Wii bundles in his local Costco, and the glorious sight prompted him to get a snapshot and spread the good news to other Internet denizens.

The happy bundles include a Wii Console, a pair of extra nunchuk and Wiimote, and a copy of Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree. It’s certainly a good deal at US$ 344.99, and if you’re really bent on getting a Wii you should already be on your way to Costco, and not sitting in your chair staring at the photo.

Via Kotaku

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