Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN release date announced, compatible with PSP Fat

Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN release date announced, compatible with PSP Fat - Image 1Only a week has passed since we've heard from the team behind 3.95 GEN, and we're already treated to a "last hours" treat. The developers have given an exact release date for their much-awaited Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN, and it's actually sooner than you thought! That's not all, they have also revealed that they've also tested it for the PSP Fat.Can't wait to see what else is in store for you? Then head on to the full article.

Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN release date announced, compatible with PSP Fat - Image 1

MaGiXieN tipped us off to a new post made by the developers responsible for developing Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN, and it says that the new CFW will be available through download for Sony PlayStation Portables by midnight of Saturday (May 31, 2008).

The developers assure you that 3.95 GEN is functional, and their latest build even alleviated the compatibility problems with PSP Fat models. Yes, they've overcome the Fat's memory limitations.

But that's not all - the team has even taken steps to ensure that the VSHMENU from Popsloader, IRShell (well, most of it), and CXMB were tested on 3.95 GEN. The results they've got is a mixed bag (of butter popcorn): while VSHMENU support is extended and confirmed working, IRShell's ISO, UMD loading functionality and CXMB operation won't work without updates.

That said, however, the team has listed what they've added to the new build of CFW 3.95 GEN, and they are as follows:

What's new... General:
  • Compatibility with the official firmware 3.95 Recovery:
  • Option to choose between various sources of updates (GEN Server, Server M33 or official server)
  • The option to choose between VSHMenu or Recovery accessible via the SELECT button in VSH. VSH:
  • Access to recovery / vshmenu via press SELECT (adjustable)
  • Updated network directly on the server via PSPGEn icon Network Update (adjustable)
The developer team says that they've managed to test several other homebrew programs, and they've been found to be working 'conclusively.' Excited? Well, the team is inviting all those interested to come back online by Saturday midnight for a ball with Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN - a 3.90 PSP CFW with 3.95 official bonus features support.

Once again, our hats tip off to MaXiGieN who called our attention.

Via PSP Generation

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