Dead Space – Exclusive Story Trailer

Dead Space from EA - Image 1Finally, we get to see some concrete action from EA’s Dead Space for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The clip we have for you today is the Exclusive Story Trailer, and it really will satisfy your sci-fi horror needs. To check out, just head on over to the full article.

A lot’s been said about this alien sci-horror title from Electronic Arts. But inasmuch as we do appreciate the information, we think it’s high time that you guys see Dead Space (PS3, Xbox 360) in actual action.

That’s why today we bring you the Exclusive Story Trailer. The tag says, “If they’re not dead, they will be.” Well, that pretty much is self-explanatory seeing as how aggressive and lethal the alien opponents are. Really, our guys our on the defense here, and the aliens are doing a pretty darned good job being on the offensive.

Anyhow, we’ll let you see how gripping the action is for yourselves. Enjoy, and do keep it locked here for more news and updates on Dead Space.

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