Dengeki Magazine reveals Star Ocean 4 scan

Star Ocean 4 is still under development - Image 1One of the best ways to tease expectant players is to show them a scan of an upcoming game. Dengeki Magazine, for example, has one for Square Enix‘s Star Ocean 4. Want to take a look at it? It’s available for viewing after the jump.

A scan of Star Ocean 4 by Dengeki Magazine - Image 1There are many ways to give a preview a game that’s still under development.

One way is to show a video to fans of the game. Another is to show them a scan. This time, Dengeki Magazine has done just that with Square Enix‘s Star Ocean 4.

Featured right on Dengeki Magazine’s scan is a literally fair-haired, green-eyed swordsman who currently remains nameless. We also get a glimpse of some of the environments that Square Enix may include in the game.

One look at the scan and we have a hunch that Star Ocean 4 is shaping up to be quite an interesting experience. Stay tuned for more updates on Square Enix’s sequel as we get them!

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