Devil Kings: Battle Heroes coming to PSP

Devil Kings - Image 1Capcom‘s bringing Devil Kings to the PSP, and it’s gonna be called Devil Kings: Battle Heroes. There are a lot of new things to be expected in this new title, and we might as well start off with the new gameplay to be introduced.

Devil Kings - Image 1Both Famitsu online and the print publication have revealed that Capcom‘s action game Devil Kings (aka Sengoku Basara in Japan) will be coming over to Sony‘s PlayStation Portable this Spring.

This new PSP title will be called Devil Kings: Battle Heroes and will provide some new gameplay that’s totalled different from the PS2 and Wii versions. If then you had some kind of a Dyansty Warriors-ish style, then here you’ll have a two on two combat game. Interesting, eh?

Even more interesting is the fact that Battle Heroes will allow for up to four players for coop and competitive ad-hoc play. It’s cool to see them really making use of PSP’s wireless play potentials, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, that’s just about all the details we have on Devil Kings: Battle Heroes — for now. We’re sure there’ll be more to come in the coming months, so just keep it posted here at QJ.


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