Dissidia: Final Fantasy: Garland vs. Warrior of Light gameplay video

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Image 1Some conflicts just can’t be resolved even with time. Take for example Garland and Warrior of Light. They’ve been going for each other’s throats since the first Final Fantasy title, and after more than a dozen installments, they’re still at it. They relive their conflict in this new Dissidia: Final Fantasy gameplay vid. Check it out after the  jump.

So you want to see more gameplay videos for Square Enix‘s Dissidia: Final Fantasy? Then here you go. We’re pretty accommodating here at QJ, so we’re not sharing with you just any gameplay video. It’s a video of the face-off of the guys who started this whole conflict.

Yes, this is Garland vs. Warrior of Light from way back Final Fantasy I. This isn’t a joyous blast to the past for the two, though, as they’re still going for each other to the death, as you can see from this video. But apart from that, what makes this video historically significant for Dissidia is that this is the first footage showing the ability to play as one of the villains.

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