Dragon Electronics releases Weapon Kit 8-in-1 accessory set

8-in-1 accessory set by Dragon Electronics] - Image 1Those who want to act out their fantasies as a sword-wielding hero can check out this neat 8-in-1 accessory set from Dragon Electronics. These Wiimote and Nunchuk add-ons look like they’ll add a touch of realism to your games, and will certainly help you in your role-playing. More details in the full article!

8-in-1 accessory set by Dragon Electronics - Image 1If you’re the type who likes a touch of realism (and willing to risk looking like a silly gamer) to your Wii games, then you may want to consider getting Dragon Electronics’ Weapon Kit 8-in-1 accessory set. The bundle includes the following Wiimote and Nunchuk attachments: axe, dagger, shield, gun, and other weapon accessories.

According to the website that sells the accessory bundle, the product uses soft materials, and has “no hazaro.” The website also lists it as a good physical exercise tool, but of course, its potential as exercise tools is dependent on how it is used.

However, the nice, weathered finish on the weapons is a nice touch indeed. Role-playing as Link with a realistic-looking sword-and-shield combo? Neat!

Via shop4tech

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