DS homebrew – Atoms:DS v0.2

DS homebrew - Atoms:DS - Image 1DS homebrew developer is back with version 0.2 of Atoms:DS. The biggest change in this release is the addition of a new game menu. Now you don’t have to restart your DS just to play another round.

Download: Atoms: DS v0.2

Atoms:DS - Image 1Atoms:DS is a multiplayer homebrew game from developer GouldFish. The objective in this game is to wipe out all of the other player’s atoms.

Each player takes turns placing atoms on a grid. Players can also place additional atoms on a tile that already has one or more of their own atoms inside it.

When too many atoms are in one tile, they go critical, sending additional atoms horizontally and vertically away from the critical tile and adding to any atoms that are already in the tile they end up in. The opposing player’s atoms can also be captured by the exploding atoms.

Here ‘s the changelog for Atoms:DS v0.2:


  • 6 player support
  • player count menu and new game menu done
  • Completely state driven code
  • all know bugs in V0.1 fixed
  • Still round robin play style

Download: Atoms: DS v0.2

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