DS Homebrew – Orscol Demo v1.1

Orscol Demo - Image 1And it's raining puzzle games today for the DS. Yes, we have another one for you, this time from Bakaban. It's a demo for his puzzle game Orscol Demo v1.1; you can check it out after the jump.

Download: Orscol Demo v1.1

Orscol Demo v1.1 - Image 1Orscol Demo v1.1 is here from Bakaaban, adding yet another piece of a puzzle game in the ever-growing DS homebrew puzzle library.

For this version, the dev "has added the ability to play by pressing Start after a game over and I put bonuses in the inventory at the beginning of the party to facilitate the game." Further more, and this is where it gets tricky, "I stopped temporarily for this dev m'attaquer a platform game."

We're not exactly sure what that last bit was all about, but it looks fun, so we're gonna try this one out.

Download: Orscol Demo v1.1

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