DS Homebrew – Sonic r280: with early content builders

Sonic r280 - Image 1jeffj’s released his DS homebrew 3D game project, Sonic r280. While it’s still in its very early stages of development, there are already a number of interesting features included in it — and he promises that more are to come our way.

Download: Sonic r280

Sonic r280 - Image 1Sonic r280 is jeffj’s Nintendo DS 3D game project. Although it’s still in its very early stages of development, we have to say it’s looking pretty swell already. What’s primary in this version is the early release for content builders. But that’s not all to be had with Sonic r280.

Here are some notable features included in this release:

  • skeletal animation
  • static & dynamic point lights
  • shadow volumes
  • skyboxes
  • picking
  • gravity
  • object & environment collision detection

He’s also got his work lined up for him with the next release:

  • game logic
  • AI
  • scripting
  • interactive 3D map builder for easy world creation
  • object & creature placement

Download: Sonic r280

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