Duke Nukem: Forever on the way, says 3D Realms’ T-ray

Duke Nukem: Forever - Image 1In an interview, 3D Realms’ Tramell “T-Ray” Isaac couldn’t say it any better: work is being put into Duke Nukem: Forever. It’s in refining and polishing stage, and the teaser we last saw was made of actual footage from Duke’s awaited return. More details (no alien toilets, sorry) at the full article.

3D Realms' art director - Image 1If we’re going to take the words of 3D Realms’ Tramell “T-Ray” Isaac from his latest interview seriously, there’s no doubt that the long-awaited Duke Nukem: Forever is actually coming. After all, this guy who’s enlisted as the Duke Nukem: Forever‘s art director said the Duke is in refining and polishing stage.

T-ray who explained he’s behind recruiting, training, asset tracking, level setup, lighting, mo-cap directing, scheduling, and artist management also made it clear that most of his work is focused on Duke’s return. “I would have to say that we all know that the fans are looking forward to the game and we are working our hardest the deliver.”

Talking about the teaser which recently rocked the Internet, T-ray said 3D Realms showed us actual in-game footage taken using an application often used for recording games called Fraps. “That is 100% in-game, in-engine footage. That model IS the current Duke Nukem in-game model,” he stressed out.

Not enough confirmation of Duke Nukem: Forever‘s existence? T-ray added, “this is not to say that we wonÂ’t be making adjustments to the model as we refine and polish the game… weÂ’re doing a lot of polishing of set pieces, environments, and characters.”

For the full interview with 3DRealms‘ Tramell Isaac on Down in Front, click on the “via” link below.

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