E3 2008: Animal Crossing to have microphone peripheral, WiiSpeak

Animal Crossing Wii - Image 1Animal Crossing, which has been confirmed earlier this month for the Wii, received a major update from Nintendo’s E3 press conference today. According to the game’s director, the game will have a new microphone peripheral called WiiSpeak. You know what that means? Yep, voice chat on the Wii! That and more announcements for the game in the full article.

Animal Crossing Wii - Image 1As promised, Nintendo has revealed some big new details for Animal Crossing Wii during their E3 press conference. Not only has the game been announced to be released this year, but a new peripheral has also been announced for the game.

Called WiiSpeak, the microphone peripheral will allow players to talk to each other with a new voice chat feature (finally!). Speaking of interactivity features, the game will also allow you to send messages to real world cell phones.

The game was also announced to include a brand new city environment. The city will have a unique auction site, beauty salon, and a “Happy Room Academy,” among other things. You can also have your character look like your Mii by giving yourself a makeover (giving yourself a makeover to look like yourself is a weird concept, I know).

Stay tuned for more news coming in from the Nintendo E3 press conference!

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