EA calls off purchaseable weapons in Bad Company, blames mishap on internal problems

Battlefield: Bad Company - Image 1If you’ve been following the commotion about Electronic ArtsBattlefield: Bad Company (PS3, Xbox 360) having weapons you can only unlock through microtransactions, then we’ve got and update direct from EA itself. It’s confirmed that all the weapons in the game, including the Gold Edition guns, can be unlocked for free. The how, the why and the exact reason for this news update at the full article.

Battlefield: Bad Company - Image 1

Here’s a news flash about the hubbub concerning purchasable weapons in Electronic Art’s Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3, Xbox 360). It seems that despite the the earlier statements of the company about the pay-to-play exclusivity of some of the weapons, it’s now confirmed by EA that ALL the weapons in the game can be obtained without paying a single dime. The commotion about certain weapons being only available after an exchange of money, according to EA, was only due to a mix-up somewhere.

This comes direct from a very recent interview with the game’s senior producer, Karl-Magnus Troedsson. While we all know that you can easily unlock the exclusive Gold Edition guns by purchasing the Gold Edition, the producer revealed that a player who purchased the standard edition CAN unlock the weapons as well. This is by reaching the final rank in the game, namely Level 25. And despite the earlier statements made, no, there will be no charge for any of the weapons.

Why the conflicting statements, then? Karl-Magnus then explains that this entire issue, starting from the discovered list of purchasable weapons on the Beta options screen, is nothing more than the result of a complex, internal problem. So when they received the huge amount of feedback regarding said weapons, they made the decision to axe the microtransaction idea completely.

Well, there we have it. There will be no microtransactions regarding weapons in Battlefield: Bad Company. Game companies do listen if the community speaks out loud enough!

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