EA Land closing up shop on August 1

EA Land to close its doors on August 1 - Image 1Some sad news on the online gaming front. We’ve recently learned that the rebranded version of The Sims Online, now known as EA Land, will be shutting down on August 1. Learn more about this after the jump.

EA Land to close its doors on August 1 - Image 1We’ve got some sad news for gamers out in computer land. We recently found out that Electronic Arts will be shutting down the rebranded version of The Sims Online, which is now known as EA Land. As the EA Land blog states, they’ll be “focusing on new ideas and other innovative concepts in the games arena.”

According to the specifics on their blog entry, the game will shut down on August 1. That being said, the game will remain free to play from now until the game closes and PayPal cash-ins have been disabled.

If you happen to be a paying subscriber as of April 29, 2008, EA will also be offering you one of the following as compensation:

  • US$ 15 off any game at the EA Store at www.eastore.ea.com, or
  • Three months of Club POGO(tm) Subscription Time

It’s always a sad day whenever a game closes its doors. Still, the horizon might bring us bigger and better games, which might make up for the heartbreak that occurs when one game ends.

Via EA Land Blog

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