Eudemons Online lottery draw daily cap raised to 20

Eudemons Online screenshot - Image 1Frustrated over those unlucky lottery draws in Eudemons Online? Fret no more, because TQ Digital Entertainment just raised the daily lottery draw cap to 20. Yes, it’s possible to try your luck 20 times and reach for those prizes. Check out the full article for more details.

Eudemons Online screenshot - Image 1 

Citizens of Eudemons Online now have more chances to go “one time big time,” as TQ Digital Entertainment just announced that the lottery system has been changed. Every player can now try their hands at the lottery 20 times a day.

For those who missed it before, prizes for the lottery in Eudemons Online include premium items that you’d usually have to work hard for. Here’s a quick list:

Grand Prizes:

  • RubyDino
  • SapphireDino
  • +12 2-socket equipment (Elite,Unique, Refined)
  • SuperGoldBag (500 million gold)

Other Prizes:

  • WarriorNeil
  • WarriorRex
  • SaintDragon
  • 8-star UniversalO (new)
  • Super Equipment
  • +12 Elite one-socket equipment
  • ChainChop skill book
  • TreasureGoldBag (100 million gold)
  • Casual Dress
  • LoveFallEudemons
  • SuperViolet Stone
  • SupYellowStone
  • RedStone
  • UniversalXO
  • SuperEudemons
  • WarriorCute
  • MageGos
  • ExpBall
  • WarriorLanir
  • MageTinna
  • EudemonCrystal
  • EudemonClover
  • doubleExp Potions
  • scrolls
  • EudemonEggs.

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