Factor 5 turning back to Wii

Julian Eggebrecht - Image 1For those of us wondering what’s next in store for Factor 5, here’s a small update that should get our hopes up after Lair: the company is knee-deep in the creation of a title for the Nintendo Wii – and this comes from none other than Julian Eggebrecht himself. Excited? Then check out the entire scoop in the full article.

Factor 5 - Image 1 

for the PS3 came and went for Factor 5, and with it being not quite the hit with the critics, the videogame world wondered just where the legendary game developing firm would go to next. Now it seems that the company is geared to make a comeback on the Nintendo Wii, with none other than Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht confirming that yes, the studio is knee-deep in producing an entirely new project for the motion-sensing console – and no, it’s not a WiiWare game or a Virtual Console game, but a full-fledged title. Awesome.

What’s good about this news, you ask? Here’s a refresher: Factor 5 is single-handedly responsible for making one of the best third-party titles for the Nintendo GameCube, namely Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. Not only did it play like a gem, it looked like one as well, with the title pushing the limits of what the GameCube can handle. Now, put this in perspective with the claim that the Wii’s hardware is more or less similar to that of the GameCube, and it’s probably safe to say that whatever Factor 5 has in store for the Wii will be something to watch out for.

Unfortunately, Factor 5’s big boss revealed nothing else about the title, besides the deal about it being a full-blown one – but if there’s any consolation, at least we know that one of Nintendo’s strongest third-party supporters is coming back into the fold. Here’s hoping for great things coming from Factor 5.

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