Fallout 3 marketing site goes live; hosts new gameplay videos

Fallout 3 - Image 1Bethesda Softworks has opened up a new marketing site for the promotion of Fallout 3 (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC). What makes this different from other marketing strats is that it’s very entertaining and very immersing, in terms of providing the feel and theme of the game. It doesn’t show in-game clips, but rather, infomercials of sorts in black and white picture. Really hip and old school. See what it’s all about after the jump.

Fallout 3 Prepare for the Future TV - Image 1 

An old school TV plays host to several new gameplay videos for Bethesda Softwork’s Fallout 3 (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC). On the right of the TV are the channel numbers, which lead you to various “programs.” Basically, it succeeds in giving that pre-Internet feel to it, complete with funky grandpa music and black and white pictures.

There are even some “channels” that allow you to engage in an interactive quiz. Or if you want to get rid of bullies giving you a hard time, then you can learn about the weapons that the government has created to get their own bullies off their back – like the Fat Man Tactical Nuclear Catapult.

Anyway, there’s too many fun stuff going on in this promotional site, so it would really be best if you do go there yourself. Just follow the source link below. Enjoy!

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