Far Cry 2 previews flowing, demo idea not rolling

Far Cry 2 - Image 1Excited about Far Cry 2 (PC, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3)? You’re not alone. This shooter certainly looks promising, and its launch couldn’t come any sooner. Those looking forward to the game will probably be ecstatic to hear about a demo inbound, but it seems Ubisoft has other plans. Read the full article to get in on the latest. Just click “read more” and you’re good to go.

Even if original devs Crytek aren’t involved with Far Cry 2‘s development, there’s still a lot of anticipation for it across its three host platforms. Most of you are probably aware that its launch has been moved, but for those who aren’t, it ships simultaneously on the PC, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 in the Fall of 208.

While it’s great news that the game will see the light of day this year, it’ll be a bit of a downer to some that the devs revealed that there won’t be a demo for it. Producer LP and publisher Ubisoft have agreed to focus all the efforts of the development team into polishing so that Far Cry 2 can hit stores in the soonest possible time, sporting the best possible quality.

Sounds like a sensible way to do business. In the meantime, a new gameplay video is available to keep you company while you wait for this promising FPS. Enjoy!

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