FASA Studios to shut down Shadowrun forums in two weeks time

FASA Studios and Microsoft's Shadowrun Xbox 360 PC - Image 1It’s a sad day for Shadowrun players everywhere. Community Manager Kimona has announced that they will be closing down the forums soon. In addition to that, they also plan on turning over the original site to the creators of the next Shadowrun game.

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Microsoft and FASA Studios' Shadowrun Xbox 360,PC - Image 1When FASA Studios closed shop, it kept both the Community Manager and Technical Support Manager post active. The company said that it would continue to do so while people still played Shadowrun (Xbox 360, PC).

Well, it looks like interest for the game has already waned because the forums are going to be shut down in two weeks time.

Community Manager Kimona said that they are doing this because they don’t have enough manpower to moderate the boards. In the same post, she also said that control of the official Shadowrun website will be given to the people creating the next-generation of Shadowrun products.

Well, there’s nothing we can do now but wait for the forums to close. You might want to put a post up on the forums to say goodbye to the rest of the community. Hopefully, the next Shadowrun-based game will have a better showing than this one.

Via Shadowrun Forums

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