Flickbook v0.3

DS Lite - Image 1Want to try your hand out in simple frame-by-frame animation? Then homebrew developer Ben’s homebrew app for the Nintendo DS, Flickbook, should get you started. Featuring quite the surprisingly-deep and handy tool system, Flickbook is all you need for those cute animations you keep trying to pull off on the corners of your old textbooks. All the details in the full article.

Download: Flickbook v0.3

Flickbook - Image 1 Flickbook - Image 1

If you’re one of the many who aspire to hit it big in the animation industry, here’s a tip: it’s always a good idea to start out small. And now, with the power of homebrew, you can do just that. Presenting homebrew developer Ben’s offering to the DS scene: Flickbook. This is an animation toy that lets you create your very own animated film the old-fashioned way – by drawing a series of frames. Not too hard, considering you have the Nintendo Dual Screen’s touchscreen to draw with.

For a deceptively-simple homebrew application, Flickbook is certainly the well-equipped one. Not only can you paint with other colors besides the usual black, but you can copy, paste, and pretty much move back and forth every frame in your animation. There’s also the Onion Skin function, where you can draw on a new frame with the last frame displayed for reference, but less opaquely.

In any case, here’s the changelog:

Version 0.3 – 2008-04-08

  • Up to four layers.
  • Fixed layers keep the same image for all frames.
  • Normal layers can change from frame to frame.

A note here from Ben: Always save and close a film before powering off your DS. Otherwise, you’re going to lose all the changes you made – and that means redrawing all the frames you lost.

Download: Flickbook v0.3

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