Free Folklore Christmas pack coming this week

Folklore by Game Republic - Image 1Ever wondered what Sony has in store from the PlayStation Network this Christmas? For PlayStation 3 title Folklore owners, developer Game Republic will be giving away a batch of new clothes, a quest, and a new folk for free. Find out what’s inside the Christmas pack add-on by heading over to the full article!

Folklore Christmas pack costumes - Image 1 Folklore Christmas pack costumes - Image 2 

Christmas should be a bit merrier for Sony PlayStation 3 owners who own Sony Computer Entertainment International (SCEI) and Game Republic‘s Folklore, because a batch of freebies is going to be available this week from the PlayStation Network. As if we don’t have enough costumes for Keats and Ellen, new Christmas-themed clothes will be coming to town along with a new level for the game’s male protagonist and a new Folk called “Grab Bag” in the latest add-on pack.

Ellen will be donning a red snow-bunny outfit with matching earmuffs, and from the screenshots we’ve seen, you’ll want her under your Christmas tree for this holiday season. Keats will be wearing a white trench, sweater with reindeer print, and a festive beanie on top.

No details about Keats’ new quest were revealed, so you’ll have to wait for the add-on and find out what it has to offer. The Folklore Grab Bag may or may not be giving away presents, but it’s sure to put up a fight by “spreading holiday cheer.”

The post on the PlayStation Blog said there’ll be more great Folklore content in 2008 from Game Republic, and by looking at how many add-on packs are appearing on PSN, we can’t shake our heads to that. Folklore associate producer Eric Fong mentioned the Christmas pack will be up for a few months, but it probably won’t be there as late as summer, so grab it when you can!

Folklore Christmas add-on goodies - Image 1 Folklore Christmas add-on goodies - Image 2 Folklore Christmas add-on goodies - Image 3 
Folklore Christmas add-on goodies - Image 4 Folklore Christmas add-on goodies - Image 5 Folklore Christmas add-on goodies - Image 6

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