Fury wants you back, sends an email that calls you a loser

Fury marketing people call you a loser in an attempt to bring you back into the game. - Image 1If you recently tried out Fury and left, let it be known now that someone from Auran Games or the Gamecock Media Group wants you back badly. They want you back so much that they’re willing to try unorthodox methods of coercing people into returning to the game, such as calling players losers.

Yep. Warcry’s Razorwire received one such email, the contents of which can be found after the jump.

Fury devs call players losers to make them want to come back. - Image 1Nobody likes being called a loser. It brings to mind images of rejection, and for some, it might even spur them to doing things they never thought they could do. The question is, can calling someone a loser through an email spur someone to return to an MMORPG that they left?

It seems that someone on the Fury marketing team wants to defy conventional wisdom by sending emails that attempt to coerce people who’ve stopped playing the game to return by calling them losers.

Here’s one email that Warcry’s Razorwire website picked up:


From: [email protected]

Time: 12:08 AM


Chances are… you are a


Or will you prove us wrong?

In the 3 months since release, tens of thousands of people have played Fury and every single one of them has lost at least one game! That’s right – not one unbeaten player exists in our database. And the stats show that once you have won 3 games, you are extremely likely to play dozens, if not hundreds more games.

So, we’d love you to come back and check out all the changes and improvements and discover that winning feeling.


For a start it is easier to stay alive now, and there are new game types specifically designed for new players. We have also added AI Bots (and they love losing), new gametypes, new maps, fixed the GUI lag and hundreds of bugs plus loads of other stuff. You can find out more about all the changes at http://www.unleashthefury.com/ageofthechosen


We have also introduced the Chosen which allows you to play FREE FOREVER. Why not show your friends you are not a loser as well by bringing them along, they can play for FREE! Just get them to follow the instructions found here http://www.unleashthefury.com/free2play


Cya in game (unless, of course, you want to remain a loser).

The Fury Team

Granted, it’s an intriguing attempt to get people to return to playing Fury, but conventional wisdom would dictate that these sorts of campaigns don’t always do well in the long-run. Will it bring players back to the free-to-play game? We’ll have to see.

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