Gameplay details for Yakuza 3 revealed

Yakuza 3 - Image 1Fresh off the latest Famitsu, gameplay details for Yakuza 3 revealed. Sega got busy and added smoother battle transitions, new battle systems, and interactive environments – all to give you the Japanese gangsta experience.

Yakuza 3 - Image 1

It looks like Sega got busy with Yakuza 3 to give us the closest we can get to a Japanese gangsta experience. Now you get to show those second-rate thugs how a real tattooed gangsta gets it done.

The game features a seemless transition into battle mode – one minute you’re walking down the street all cool and stuff, then you’ll be getting it on in the next. Sometimes, foes won’t be anywhere near the awesome ass-kicker that you are, so they’ll run away. Fortunately, Sega also got that covered and added the new chase battle system, where you’ll be tasked to pursue your fleeing rival and give you the thrill of the hunt.

Other improvements include the “heat action” special attacks, in some of which you can use nunchucks to bludgeon enemies. Environments have also been tweaked so that bystanders will actually flee when you start fighting.

Like a real fighting superstar, Kiryu will have the option to fight in a tag tournament mode. Team up with a partner and take on powerful foes, and use cooperative heat action moves.

Yakuza 3 is expected to come out in Spring 2009, in Japan at the very least.

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