GamePro reports on Gears of War 2, Mark Rein reacts

Gears of War Epic Games - Image 1Many gamers waited for a sequel of Epic Games‘ epic Gears of War (Xbox 360, PC) to come around, so it’s no surprise when many Gears of War fans did a double-take when they saw “Gears of War 2” printed on the cover of GamePro’s latest issue. However, Epic Game’s Mark Rein has something to say about the alleged Gears of War 2 report. Check out the full article to find out.

Gears of War Epic Games - Image 1Avid gaming news readers may have noticed something good – something really, really good – on the cover of Gamespot’s newest issue: Epic GamesGears of War 2 (Xbox 360, PC). Yes, it’s Gears of War 2, and its certainly one of the best news that we’ve come across so far.

We just wish that it’s true. As it turns out, Epic Games’ Mark Rein debunked the news of Gears of War 2 quite hard, in the game’s official forums. Here is his take on the matter: “It is complete nonsense. We have not announced a sequel to Gears of War to Gamepro or anyone else for that matter.”

Well, there you have it. It’s a pretty blunt way of disappointing those who had their hopes up upon seeing “Gears of War 2” on GamePro’s cover, but hey, that’s life. At least, there’s a chance that we may get to find real news on the much-awaited sequel in the upcoming Game Developer Conference 2008 event.

Via GamePro

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