GDC 08: LEGO Universe not just playing with virtual blocks

GDC 08: LEGO Universe not just playing with virtual blocks - Image 1If you think that Lego Universe is only about playing with virtual Lego blocks, think again. According to Mark Hansen, Lego director of business development, Lego is also planning to let Lego Universe players order a real-life version of their online creations and have them shipped to their doorstep. Unbelievable? Not so. Check out the full article for more details.

Lego Universe NetDevil - Image 1Think that the idea of creating houses, buildings, vehicles, and what-have-you in NetDevil‘s virtual take on Lego, Lego Universe, is epic enough? Wait until you hear this tidbit that was recently mentioned in GDC 2008: Lego Universe gamers will be able to order physical, tangible versions of their virtual Lego creations.

In fact, according to Lego director of business development Mark Hansen, Lego is already putting together a logistics team that will be in charge of assembling real-life Lego sets modeled after virtual Lego Universe creations, as well as shipping them off to clients. Sounds nice? You bet it is.

Since the MMOG will cater to both adults and kids and will put them in the same virtual environment, Lego Universe‘s game developers are taking steps to ensure extra care when it comes to children’s safety while playing the game.

Hansen mentioned that they are soliciting comments and suggestions from parents in order to make the game an ideal child development and learning tool. Lego Universe is still in development stage and is slated to be released two years from now.

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