GDC 08: Valve developer confirms Portal 2

GDC 08: Valve developer confirms Portal 2 - Image 1A Valve developer over at San Francisco‘s GDC grounds has confirmed that Portal 2 is in the company’s plans. That aside, the developer also provided some interesting tidbits over how the game started out.

You can view them over in the video in the full article by clicking the “read more” link below.

What Valve Corporation‘s Doug Lombardi hinted at previously seems to be getting some confirmation.

Portal (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) Lead Designer Kimberly Swift has confirmed during an interview at GDC 2008 event that their highly-awarded game is indeed going to get a part 2. As to whether there will be cake, that remains to be seen.

That aside, Swift also narrated on how Portal had started out as a student project back in her days in the DigiPen Institute of Technology, before getting scouted by Valve. Not that we’ll spoil that info bit for you, though. You can view it here for yourself. Enjoy!

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