GDC 2008: Exit Games reveals Neutron 5.0

A multiplatform update from the GDC 2008 - Image 1With today’s global community, it’s important to get connected and to stay connected. Exit Games allowed players of various platforms to do precisely that with the Neutron multiplayer gaming platform, the latest version of which was recently unveiled at the Game Developer’s Conference 2008. Get connected in the full article after the jump.

QJ multiplatform news coverage straight from the GDC 2008 - Image 1 

Just because you have a good multiplayer gaming platform doesn’t mean that you can’t make it better. That’s precisely what Exit Games did with its Neutron technology, the latest version of which was recently unveiled at the 2008 Game Developer’s Conference at Exit GamesÂ’ booths  6105 and 6106 in the North hall of the German Pavilion.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Neutron, it’s basically a customizable service platform that supporting real-time gaming on the mobile, PC and console platforms including J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile, Flash Lite, Blackberry, Win32, J2SE, .NET, and Flash (Web, Wii, PS3).

The Neutron 5.0 upgrade sports the following new features:

  • A new Billing Connector that provides in-game billing capabilities worldwide across 23 countries
  • An enhanced items & assets add-on that integrates virtual credits system to leverage after initial download revenues have been attained
  • Game server SDK for empowering developers to easily create exclusive features on their own
  • An enhanced server AI add-on that enables a prediction system for real-time multiplayer games (dead reckoning concept for hiding latency)

Tom Sperry, CEO of Exit Games USA summarized the advantages of the Neutron 5.0 in this manner:

The new Neutron version 5.0 provides our customers with everything they need to integrate new business models into their games, leading to an overall increase of their return on investment. Together with an incomparable set of turn-key features and customizable components, the development of commercially successful multiplayer games and communities is now as easy as ever.

Neutron powered games are currently live in over 50 countries and have been launched by over 100 carriers and portals worldwide.

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