Golden Axe: Beast Rider official site up now

SEGA - Image 1If you belong to that generation of gamers who were lucky enough to have experienced the good old days of 2D gaming, there’s a good chance that you like Sega‘s Golden Axe franchise. A lot of us were delighted when Golden Axe: Beast Rider was announced for the Sony  PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, and now we’re even happier that its official site gas opened to create a rally point for updates. See the detailed version for more.

Goled axe - Image 1 

The Golden Axe franchise belongs to that pantheon of 2D classics that Sega spawned in the 90’s. We know a lot of you long-time gamers are excited about the next-gen sequel Golden Axe: Beast Rider. We caught word of an interesting development and thought you’ll be glad to hear it.

Sega has now launched the official website for Golden Axe: Beast Rider and it looks kinda nice. Sure, it’s still just a teaser site, but it does give us a place to rally to when hunting for updates.

Unlike the 2D action, RPG and fighting game iterations of the Golden Axe series, sources have stated that Golden Axe: Beast Rider will have us galloping about in an exotic land aboard a mean steed. This adds a new dimension to the very competitive action genre in the next-gen arena. Golden Axe: Beast Rider is expected to hit the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Summer of 2008.

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