Haze demo suggests PS3 timed exclusivity?

Haze - Image 1Here is another rumor hinting that Free Radical's Haze is just a timed Sony PlayStation 3 exclusivity. It seems that when you finish the demo which arrived a few days back, a message about the game will appear. Find out over at the full article.

Haze Rumor Proof - Image 1

Rumors have not left Haze alone especially regarding its exclusivity on the Sony PlayStation 3. This time around, the source of the speculation is a message at the end of the Haze demo which mentions that the "four-player cooperative campaign" feature is exclusive only on the PS3.

This has triggered speculation that if the feature is only available for the Sony PS3 then there could be other versions of the game which won't have this co-op mode. Some believe these are the Xbox 360 and the PC versions. However, game developer Free Radical has already confirmed Haze's PS3 exclusivity twice, once in March and another in April.

Publisher Ubisoft tells us that Haze will definitely come on May 23. So stay tuned here at QJ.NET for the latest developments.

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