Hellgate: London Patch 1.2 coming to single player, Patch 1.3 nearing Test Center

The Hellgate London MMORPG, by Flagship Studios - Image 1 Anything that serves to enhance a player’s gaming experience is always a welcome thing. Soon, Hellgate: London players will be treated to a double whammy of updates. Flagship Studios will have Patch 1.2 for the single player game, with Patch 1.3 available in the near future.

Interested in knowing what these are all about? Why not turn to the full article after the jump and find out!

A shared stash will make item swapping easier in Hellgate London - Image 1Remember how Bill Roper talked about correcting the mistakes that Flagship Studios had made with Hellgate: London? Well, it seems that two upcoming patches will testify to his statement: Patch 1.2 for the single player game and Patch 1.3.

Flagship Studios will reportedly make the beta version of the single player Patch 1.2 available for player testing next week, along with its publishing ETA. The single player version of Patch 1.2 will match the content, balance changes and bug fixes of its multiplayer counterpart.

On the other hand, Hellgate: London Patch 1.3 is scheduled to enter Flagship Studios’ Test Center next week. The update will host a variety of new features and improvements to the game. These will reportedly include: a shared stash option for characters of the same account, gambling vendors and an increase in the Palladium amount cap per character.

Stay tuned for Flagship Studios’ patch notes for Patch 1.3 of Hellgate: London as we get them!

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