Home open beta not coming with firmware 2.50

PS3 Home - Image 1Those of you who are expecting the Home Open beta to be arriving along with Firmware 2.5 are in for a disappointment. A community manager at the PlayStation EU forums clarified that while there is something for the Home in the 2.5 release, it’s not the Open beta. Find out what it is after the jump.

Can't wait to get Home - Image 1Home Community Manager TedTheDeog of the PlayStation EU forums made a clarification as to his previous announcement on the Home Open Beta. Apparently, it’s not coming out this month along with Firmware 2.50.

According to him, it was just a matter of wrong wording on his part, but actually, what he meant when he said that FW 2.50 will be bringing Home Open Beta is that “2.5 is bringing some fixes that Home needs and Open beta will be later this year after 2.5 is released.”

So there you have it, folks. No Home Open beta when 2.5 lands. Instead, it’s just gonna bring in bug fixes. We’ll keep you updated on this one as more development arrives.

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