Homebrew – BlobbDS v0.1

Nintendo DS - Image 1How would you like to play a homebrew game that's a cross between Tamagotchi and Nintendogs? Cos you're just in good timing cos we have one exactly like that right now. Details on this DS homebrew game after the jump.

Download: BlobbDS v0.1

BlobbDS - Image 1Antonio Nino Diaz at Elotrolado has released his DS homebrew game, BlobbDS v0.1. He explains that it basically is a cross-over between the Tamagotchi and Nintendogs.

For this version (and we're sure there'll be more to come), he's worked on the 3D graphics engine so you can move the character and the camera will follow him. He also plans on making it run in real-time, as well as including Wi-Fi mode. Or so says the engrish translation of his Spanish post.

As for the controls:
  • A: changing mood (try XD).
  • Maintain A: Change camera mode.
  • Arrows: Move.

Download: BlobbDS v0.1

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