Hudson Entertainment reveals rest of Deca Sports’ mini-game line-up

Deca Sports box art - Image 1Hudson Soft‘s Sports Island has been reborn. Well, sort of. It’s coming out under the new name of Deca Sports in the U.S. Hudson Entertainment, the U.S. branch of Hudson soft, has also revealed four more sports planned for the title since last time.

Find out what new sports mini-games have been included after the jump!

Hudson Entertainment's reveals the rest of the Deca Sports mini-game line-up - Image 1Remember that poll that Hudson Entertainment ran regarding Sports Island‘s new U.S. name?

Well now it’s official: Hudson Entertainment has already decided on both the Deca Sports name as well as the list of ten sports game to be included in the title.

Hudson Entertainment’s list of sports appears to be an oddly eclectic one, even at a cursory glance. Aside from the badminton, snowboarding, archery, basketball, volleyball and soccer, Deca Sports will also include kart racing, figure skating, curling and supercross.

John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment, mentioned that Deca Sports would be released at an opportune time, given the current market trends :

We have seen tremendous growth in the casual sports gaming market in the last few years, and saw an opportunity that would be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Wii.

With Deca Sports, we wanted to offer a sports package that is unrivaled in terms of sheer number of available sports. More importantly, the game is easy to play, but offers layers of depth that even hardcore sports enthusiasts will love to play.

Hudson Entertainment plans to bring Deca Sports to U.S. Wii units by the summer of 2008.

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