IGG now giving out Alpha test invites for Wonderland Online

Wonderland Online IGG - Image 1IGG‘s fledgling online game, Wonderland Online, will soon enter Alpha testing phase and will be needing testers to aid them in eradicating bugs in the game. However, this time IGG is seeking gaming guilds instead of individual gamers. More details in the full article.

Wonderland Online IGG - Image 1IGG has just announced the Alpha test for Wonderland Online, an online game that was launched a few months ago. To help out with Alpha testing, IGG will be giving a limited amount of test accounts to interested parties.

Instead of inviting gaming individuals, IGG is seeking help from gaming guilds, a group of gamers with similar gaming habits and play online games together. Players who belong in gaming guilds can sign up for the Wonderland Online Alpha test along with their guildsmen.

Registration period started a few days back, and will end on March 25. Applicants need to fill out the following information:

  • Guild name
  • Number of guild members
  • Guild website
  • Number of Guild members participating in the test
  • Contact email

If your guild gets chosen, you and your posse will each get a test account. After the test, the guild will also receive free item mall points worth US$ 100, to be given to the guildmasters who can then distribute the points at their discretion. Take note, however, that the guilds should make sure that all members are at least level 15 to be qualified for the Item Mall points reward.

The Alpha test will start at the end of March and will last for a week, after which comes the closed beta. Like most Alpha tests, all data will be wiped out after Wonderland Online‘s Alpha testing period. For more information, like where to send or post the information needed above, do drop by Wonderland Online‘s site through the Via link.

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