Ikaruga, Poker Smash DLC on XBL this April 9

Xbox 360 - Image 1If you’re looking for a game experience that’s a bit more hardcore than your usual, then April 9 is a red-letter day for you. This is because Treasure Co. Ltd. is unleashing Ikaruga, the mother of all hardcore shoot-em-ups, into Xbox Live Marketplace, on that date. Check out all the details in the full article and see just how you can procure this gem of a game.

Xbox 360 - Image 1

For those of us who want to look for more ways to splurge those hard-earned Microsoft Points, here are two reasons why you should encircle April 9 on your calendar with a big red marker: Treasure Co. Ltd.’s most awesome shooter ever, Ikaruga, is hitting the U.S. Xbox Live Marketplace at that date. Oh, and downloadable content for a card game by Void Star Creations, too.

Yes, that’s right – the rest of the video gaming world, not just Japan, will be getting their own dose of Ikaruga action come April 9. So if your arteries just clanged shut after reading earlier news about this shoot-em-up, then let them relax. Treasure’s not going to be greedy. And at the cost of 800 points, it’s pretty much a giveaway.

As for the downloadable content for the card game by Void Star Creations, Poker Smash, players can choose between the Puzzle Pack and the Environment Pack. The Puzzle Pack sports an additional 15 puzzles for you to crack, while the Environment Pack includes two Action Mode Environments for the game. All in all, 13 new environments and 70 mind puzzles – quite a steal, wouldn’t you say? Both packs are available for 100 points each.

Certainly a very good haul for the Xbox Live Marketplace. Updates as we get them!

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