Intel Quad, Duo price drops ooze penny-pinching goodness

Intel CPU price drop - Image 1And it's the good type of penny-pinching goodness you'll probably get this early into fall. Word has it in the hardware enthusiast community that Intel has ordained new pricings on the market's most popular processors, including those of Xeons and Celeron. Core 2 Duos and Quads have been seen with much lower tags, meaning there's hope for a visit to the local hardware retail shop this fall. Price changes await at the full story.

Intel Quad, Duo price drops ooze penny-pinching goodness - Image 1  

In lieu with Intel's seasonal price drop antics, CPU prices were seen dropping just recently. True enough, prices have dipped for select processors in the market. Online retail portals for computer hardware, such as Newegg, report as much as new price listings of just under 200 dollars.

We're not exactly sure as to what the suggested price reductions are, but retail has adjusted the price ranges of the Core 2 Duos and the Core 2 Quads accordingly. The price reductions noted (by way of Xtreview) are as follows:
  • Core 2 Quad Q9550 (45nm,2.83 Ghz ,1333 Mhz,2x6MB L2) - 40%
  • Core 2 Quad Q6600 (65nm,2.4 Ghz ,1066 Mhz,2x4MB L2) - 9%
  • Core 2 Duo E8500(45nm,3.16Ghz,1333Mhz,6Mb L2 cache) - 31%
  • Core 2 Duo E8400(45nm,2.83Ghz,1333Mhz,6Mb L2 cache)  - 11%
  • Core 2 Duo E7200(45nm,2.53Ghz,1066Mhz,3Mb L2 cache)  - 15%
Currently, prices are fluctuating as of late, seeing as the demand for the last generation quads have been spiking in some retails. We're not sure at what price the processors are supposed to be held, but you might do well to check local shops for a bigger picture. More updates in the market as we get them.

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