iPhone homebrew: BiteSMS v2.3 now with firmware 2.1 support

iPhone Homebrew - Image 1Version 2.3 of BiteSMS has finally been released. Now those who are running firmware 2.1 on their iPhones will be able to use this cheaper homebrew text messaging alternative from developer BigBoss. More in the full article.

BiteSMS - Image 1BigBoss' alternative text messaging app, BiteSMS, has finally been given firmware 2.1 support in its latest release. The app is now at version 2.3 and includes the following changes:
  • Now compatible with Apple firmware 2.1.
  • If biteSMS is configured as the default app, the Contacts ‘Text MessageÂ’ button will now open biteSMS.
  • The auto-correct feature can now be toggled ON/OFF via the biteSMS settings page (defaults to ON).
  • Auto-correct now honoured when the ‘SendÂ’ button is pressed.
BiteSMS is a homebrew alternative that gives users an option to send their text messages via BiteSMS or their mobile carrier. Users can purchase credits for BiteSMS and use it to send SMS messages anywhere in the world at cheaper rates.

The latest BiteSMS version can be found on the BigBoss repository on Cydia.

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