Joymax completes Paypal inspection for Silkroad Online

A Silkroad Online logo - Image 1If you’re a paying player of an MMORPG, you’d naturally expect to get what you paid for, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. For example, Paypal issues have resulted in Silkroad Online players not getting the Silk that they had paid for. You may read more about this after the jump.

A Silkroad Online banner - Image 1 

It seems that Silkroad Online has had to deal with pay-related bugs lately. First, players experienced PayByCash browser problems, and now it seems that Paypal had been plagued with issues as well.

Joymax addressed the PayByCash problem then; it has now done with the same thing with the more recent Paypal dilemma. The developer took the time to apologize and to reassure Silkroad Online players in an official statement:

Paypal is now working normally and transactions can proceed normally. We will restore Silk to all users that have made completed payments but did not receive Silk during the time of inspection.

This silk will be restituted within a couple of days. We apologize for the problems this may have caused.

Interestingly enough, the Turkish e-pin payment system has seemingly been running without a hitch ever since Joymax introduced it some time ago. In any case, Silkroad Online players can now rest easy knowing that they will eventually get the Silk that they’d paid for.

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